Tap Water, Boiled or Not,

Is Singapore Tap Water safe for babies, children, the sick, elderlies and healthy adults?

Sodium silicofluoride has been added to Singapore drinking water to prevent tooth decay since 1950’s.   Adding fluoride to tap water is called “water fluoridation”. 

pub fluoride1

What is sodium silicofluoride? ( Molecular Formula: Na2SiF6 )

sodium silicofluoride nih1cn

This type of fluoride is more toxic than the one found in toothpastes.  If people do not swallow toothpastes to prevent tooth decay, why would they want to swallow a even more toxic form of fluoride their whole lives, without dosage control, side effects supervision by physicians and informed consent, to prevent a condition they might not even have.

Learn the truth to restore your health, improve your children’s lives and future.

Fluoride is undeniably a toxic chemical.  Short term low dose of this poison is seldom fatal.  However, a whole life long of chronic daily exposure to this industrial poison via water (skin absorption from showers), drinks and foods (ingestion) has NOT  been thoroughly researched and studied.  Thus, the adverse effects on humans, animals and our environment cannot yet be quantified like cigarettes and leaded gasoline.

Experts’ Opinions on Water Fluoridation

Professor Emeritus Dr. Arvid Carlsson, Nobel Prize winner in 2000 for Medicine / Physiology opposes water fluoridation.

“It is interesting to note that Dr. Carlsson opposed fluoridation of water as it is a violation of modern pharmacological principles, and he succeeded in his campaign along with hundreds of other scientists. It is also important to note that the incidence of dental caries was the same in Sweden as compared to fluoridated countries such as the USA. As British Columbia in Canada was considering fluoridation of water, Carlsson said, ‘I would advise against fluoridation. He reiterated that individual prophylaxis (treatment) is preferable on principle grounds and that it is equally effective’.”

arvid carlsson

Late Dr. Albert W. Burgstahler, PhD, Professor Emeritus at the University of Kansas said 4-5 mg of fluoride intake daily will depress thyroid function.

How much fluoride are you, your children and loved ones taking in per day from water, drinks and foods from home or outside?

Dr David Kennedy and Dr Paul Connett, PhD, explained the dangerous effects of water fluoridation.
Fluoride: Poison on Tap – Full Documentary   

The first sign that fluoride has poisoned your bones:  PAIN & STIFFNESS IN JOINTS & BONES.
Pain in the back, hands, arms, hips, legs & feet:
Have you been exposed to fluoridated water in Singapore?


Professor Howard Pollick, BDS, MPH is a spokesperson on fluoridation for the American Dental Association (ADA).  

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At the Joint Rules Committee & Special City Council Meeting, City of San Diego (July 18, 2007), Professor Howard Pollick recommended distilled water for making powder infant formula. No fluoride added water for baby powder formula.

In Feb 2000, MOH published a Clinical Practice Guidelines for medical doctors.  

On page 369 of this guidelines, fluoride is listed as an INDUSTRIAL POISON with a fatal oral dose of 5 – 10 mg / kg.

moh guide 2000 a

Babies and children with lesser body weight are at a greater risk of fluoride overdose, which is very harmful to their health and mental development.

Singapore National Environment Agency

NEA also stated that fluoride is a TOXIC INDUSTRIAL WASTE. Page 9 of link

nea toxic waste


nea toxic waste mgmt


nea toxic waste list


epa water contaminants front1


epa water contaminants2


epa letter 1a

WHO Europe in its year 2000 publication for “air quality” dedicated over half a page on “ingested” fluoride’s toxic effects in humans.

Chapter 6.5 Fluorides Page 4 – WHO/Europe – World Health Organization 

who eu air guide


who eu air quality f 3


who eu air guide1

Fluoridated  Water Causes Joint Pain & Damage to Susceptible Individuals

A documentary by Dr David Kennedy DDS

Watch on youtube “CRIPPLING WATER

#endfluoridation Singapore

Activist Raising Awareness

I spoke NOT about CPF ( Singapore retirement fund), but on the adverse health effects of water fluoridation and radioactive food products from Fukushima.

Singapore will import Fukushima food products – 31May2014

The Straits Times:


#endfluoridation Singapore

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