Bathing in fluoridated water

Among the anti water fluoridation community, we all understood that ingesting eat fluoridated water is bad. But how about bathing in fluoridated water?

The following article provides an insight into the danger.

In the study to assess the fluoride exposure in areas worth endemic fluorosis, the author said that fluoride absorption through the skin is approximately 1/1000 of the amount as when you drink it in.

Considering that we normally use a lot more water to bath, this might mean that the amount of fluoride reduction from not drinking fluoridated tap water, may be offset by the fluoride gained from bathing.

Still, it might be worthwhile to go for a quick shower instead of a long luxurious bath.

article details follows, for those who want to read it for themselves.

Probabilistic risk assessment of Chinese residents exposure to fluoride
in improved drinking water in endemic fluorosis area


  • 2017-12-19_18:36 SGT to correct the misreading that the reduction is 3 folds instead of 3 folds of magnitudes.

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