Fluoride and Diabetes

Sugar, the Scapegoat?

Could Chronic Consumption of Fluoride in Water, Beverages & Foods Cause Diabetes?


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(NaF) sodium fluoride takes effect slowly but effectively in preserving glucose in blood for at least three days.”

NIH: Fluoride Preserves Glucose in Blood

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The fluoride (Na2SiF6) used in Singapore tap water for 60 years affects human bodies just like sodium fluoride.

“Studies on Na2SiF6 and H2SiF6, compounds used to fluoridate drinking water, show a pharmacokinetic profile for fluoride identical to that of sodium fluoride (NaF) (Maguire et al. 2005, Whitford et al. 2008).”


Hypothesis: Consuming Singapore fluoridated tap water preserves glucose in blood for at least 3 days.

If a person’s blood sugar remains HIGH all the time for many years, could that cause the person to develop diabetes?


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Could ending water fluoridation, thereby reducing a huge amount of fluoride in drinks & foods, available at restaurants, food courts, schools, old folk homes, hospitals & more, help people to avoid diabetes?


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