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Adding a little (0.5 ppm) sodium silicofluoride into drinking water is called Water Fluoridation.

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Sodium silicofluoride aka sodium fluorosilicate aka Na2SiF6 is a rat poison that causes FLUOROSIS in people who ingest this poison in water, drinks & foods.

National Institutes of Health

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Merck Veterinary Manual

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Consumption of fluoride causes fluorosis

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MOH on 27 April 2010 claimed that fluorosis is not prevalent in Singapore.  In 1996, only 80% of children in Singapore had fluorosis per the US NIH.

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US NIH (National Institues of Health)

Prevalence of dental fluorosis in children in Singapore: 82.6%

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Fluorosis begins in teeth, then bones and that are the visible harm.  Invisible damages are in the brain, kidneys, thyroid & body.

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Moderate and severe dental fluorosis was significantly associated with IQ reduction

Neurotoxicology and Teratology 47 (2015) 96–101

“Results of our pilot study showed that moderate and severe dental fluorosis was significantly associated with deficits in WISC-IV digit span.”

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Revised (WISC-IV) included digit span for auditory span and working memory

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Daily consumption of these Singapore foods with high liquid content increases risk of fluorosis

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